About us







STIMAR company was established in 1993 and for 17 years has been succesfully envolved in numerous project developments with domestic and foreign investors. We have been consultancy involved in  cca one million  realized sq m of various properties in Croatia – business premises, residentials, shopping centers, hotels and various others . Our locally oriented consulting based on broad knowledge of  rules and regulations and  realized projects as well as modern demands make us higly efficient in project development.

Presently  we are involved  in developing green concept of  residential and bussines area objects sized 1.5  million sq m.

Our mission is to meet the objectives of the investor most efficiently by observing the legislative procedure and enhancing all project participants – investor, arhitects and HVAC projectants, environmental specialists, legal and administrative  bodies, future tennants and others involved.

The company’s core business covers consulting and organization of project development, including basic research of economic and urban potentials of locations and implementation of future projects, project organization and consulting during project implementation. We are specialed in the implementation of legal urban rules and regulations in the various phases of project developing and coordination of many competent authorities and institutions  for issuing numereous opinins needed in project development.

In order to meet the needs of investor in efficiant  and  workable way we provide numereous information from various fields enabling the investor to find the best solution for Croatian market. We are closely cooperating with many specialists for various sides of project – urbanistic and design, legal, finance , marketing and others. For each project there is a group of adequate professionals which cover all the special needs of this project development.

As cofounders of “Green Building Council in Croatia” our aim is to promote and apply concept of  “green buildings” having in mind present situation, legal rules and future initiatives from the legislative side as well as increased value of green buildings for investor and potential user/owner. The way always starts with the first step  -  so is the green building in Croatia.